I’ve spent my whole career being super successful at what I do. I’m a radio DJ. No matter what, it’s always worked out. I was the Midday DJ in New York City for 10+ years and then the Afternoon Jock at a top station in Los Angeles for nearly eight.

A little over two years ago, my continuous success rate took a…let’s call it a “shift.” The company I was working for had just sold the place to another company a few months prior. My boss asked me to come in a little earlier to meet. No problem. But when I got there, he was looking for me – which was unusual. Then he said, “Go sit down in my office. I’ll be right back.”

Hmmm. There I waited. A little curious as to what was up. Then I saw THEM. It was kind of like seeing police lights going off behind you while you’re driving. They filed in one by one. The head of HR. The General Manager. My boss. One of them shut the door. (P.S. Good news is never delivered after someone shuts a door.)

I got the “You’re great, but…”, “This is really hard for us to do, but…”, “You’ll bounce back, but…”.  The best of the worst break-up lines.  I was out.

Minutes later. The text came in. From a coworker.

Was it – “Are you OK?”


Was it: “So sorry to hear about what happened…”??


Instead, I got:


“What gives?” The rug just got pulled out from under me and you want ME to tell YOU what gives? Um, I dunno? Everything???!!??

So, that’s where I’ll be jumping off on my blog on “The Daily Feels”. Dealing with – what gives (and what doesn’t).


They say: “Sh*t happens to let shift happen.” So, I guess I’ll embrace it, “Hello there, Sh*t! Welcome aboard!”

Here I’ll share some of my feels every month about what happens whilst in midst of a SHIFT! 😊




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