America, we all need a nap.  No, seriously.  Find the nearest pillow and snag you 20 minutes in the name of sanity.  Call it a Sleep-In Protest if you must, but for the love of mankind; we need a massive group nap so we can all get in some true ZZZ’s.


Here’s the rundown of just the last 4 days of my crazy life:

– prep a shoot

– shoot (2) 12 hr. days on set

– edit an episode of TV

– write a blog

– test (3) new products

– Karate practice

– baseball game

– housework

 This past Friday, I wrote out my to-do list for the weekend.  Then I just stared at this list of things to achieve on my “down time” and I realize I HAVE NO DOWN TIME!!!  As a working mom, I have managed to pencil in so many things to do that I forgot to include time for the one thing that makes all this possible.  SLEEP.  I forgot to indulge in this free, leisurely activity that gives me the ability to appreciate all these fun, fantastic, gifts that I am actually apart of.


And I think I am not alone.  I bet there are others…millions of people, perhaps, walking around checking off things on their massive lists and staying up super late trying to be over-achievers just simply because we are conditioned to a self-inflicted standard of excellence. Personally, I think we could all use some downtime. Not like a one-time hit & quit kind of thing that isn’t meaningful, but like a really long, super deep, DOWNTIME. If you know what I am saying? wink wink… like a deep beneath the sheets, down under 4 comforters, and three fluffy pillows; just DEAD TO THE WORLD, BORDERLINE COMA KIND OF SLEEP!


Do it.  I dare you.  Find the nearest corner and curl up.  Close your eyes and do you for a good 20 min. Go to bed at 9pm with your kids and just don’t get back up until 6am when the world will once again seem like your oyster.  Don’t check that email after 9pm because if it’s super urgent, your cell still works.  Go get in bed, put on some nature sounds, and do you.  I DARE YOU!


Not to be too cocky, but that’s exactly what I am going to do today.  It’s Tuesday and I am 100% done with that massive to-do list. I’m now staring at the new one for the next 4 days wondering how it managed to double in length.  I’ve slept maybe 10 hours in 4 days.  I could be a zombie at this point. I’m not sure. We definitely have the same size bags under our eyes I’d imagine. But, man, in just a few more hours, I’m going sleep for a whole 12 hours and emerge once more as this vibrant, loud woman with a wonder woman complex and a total seize the day vibe. Why?  Because SLEEP IS UNDERRATED!


Sometimes, I truly wonder what the world would be like if we all got a solid 8 hrs. every single night.  What if that was the missing link?  What if all this time, all we really needed to be happy was a daily nap and 8 hrs. of shut-eye? What if we LOVED getting up early after all?  What if we weren’t annoyed by that list and excited about being so needed in society? Shoot, we could actually love our jobs we just NEVER NOTICED how much until today?  I’m not a researcher, but I’ve read plenty of studies.  It’s definitely proven to work. Why have we, the every-day human, devalued this necessity lately? What do we tell our kids when they come home cranky, exhausted, and discouraged? Let’s not be hypocrites and take our own advice.

 Ladies and gents… I’m taking it back. At this moment, I’m reclaiming sleep.  I’m going sleep the hell out of tonight, and the next night, and the night after that.  I’m going be so fucking rested that I can knock out those massive to-do lists like the Wonder Woman I truly am when running on a full tank.


And you can too.  We protest all the time these days.  Next time you are planning to make a stand on what we need to be happy in America, I say we advocate for MORE SLEEP TIME. Yes, let’s grab our blankets and pillows and march right up to our state capitols and take a nap on the lawn; we can demand 90 min lunch breaks so we can squeeze in a power nap.  Nap Rooms in all corporate offices to accommodate.

I’m not crazy, America.  I am insanely sleep deprived while writing this, but I think I am onto something.  We reserve the right to a good night sleep to ensure the happiness of the American people…hell, the happiness of the world if we ever get there.  Mark my words…SLEEP IS UNDERRATED and this deprivation ends today in my house.

And to all of you fine people who have already made a commitment to ending sleep deprivation in your home too, I salute you.  You are wise beyond your years and one hell of a catch for humanity.  Keep doing you, Brave Sleepers.  And next time you boldly sneak off for some ZZZ’s, encourage a friend to join you.  Share your amazing-ness with the nearest almost zombie-like human you encounter. We have an epidemic to neutralize.


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