This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day.  I celebrate my 6th year as a Mom.  I truly feel blessed and honored to be a mother.  I am aware of how important that role is, one I will never take for granted.  Mother’s Day is such a special occasion where we spoil, cherish and pamper the queen who we call Mom.  And if you’re a Mom, hopefully, you too are gifted with that same love and care.  But if I can be truly honest (which you can always count on), being a single mom on Mother’s Day is a bit different, in that it feels just like any other day.


As Mother’s Day approaches, I have been giving this ‘single mom’ thing a lot of thought.  Most single moms don’t start out “single.”  They find a partner, fall in love and make a baby (or 2).  I was thinking how challenging this day must be for them because I assume they’ve had a taste of a traditional Mother’s Day, where they were delightfully catered to.  I, on the other hand, decided to take on motherhood as a single mom by choice (more on that in my next blog).  But even after becoming a mom, I have only known one version of Mother’s Day, which consists of celebrating my mom with my siblings.  Don’t get me wrong, my Mom should be celebrated, and I love spending time on Mother’s Day cherishing the woman who gave me life. But ya see, after the Mother’s Day celebratory brunch has ended, as grateful as I am, I still go home to it being all on me.  And that’s possibly the case for every other single mom on Mother’s Day.


Let me stop here and state that this isn’t a pity-party post for single moms. The intention of this blog is more of a battle cry, a call to action, for single moms everywhere to take back Mother’s Day. Because if anyone deserves a fu%king day to be celebrated, it’s YOU!


To all the single mama’s, I get it, we don’t get to sleep in on Mother’s Day.  We probably don’t get breakfast in bed either.  We most likely don’t have reservations made on our behalf, or a masseuse name Raul waiting to give us a well-deserved massage.  Nope, we don’t.  But instead of focusing on what we don’t get, why not take action and design a Mother’s Day to delightfully serve our single-mother-lovin-needs?  It can be done.  But there’s one catch: YOU have to set the time and do the work to make it happen.  Much like how most of the parenting responsibilities fall on you, well so does Mother’s Day, Darlin’.  MOTHERS DAY IS ALL YOU!  So, put on your best cape and make something special of this day so it doesn’t feel like every other day.  Let’s take back Mother’s Day!


This is the first year I am switching it up and taking ownership of Mother’s day.  I am making May 13th all about the mom that is me.  And guess what?  I don’t feel one iota’s worth of mom guilt about it.  It took me 5 years to get here, but I have finally arrived.  I knew I needed to redefine how I felt about and approached Mother’s Day and take some action.  Not only for me, but for my son.  For one day he may have a significant other who is the mother of his child and, well, he needs to make the day feel like no other ordinary day for her.  So, at the age of 6, I will begin to set an example of how a Mom (single or not) should be treated on Mother’s Day.


I wanted to share how I designed my upcoming Mother’s Day so you can possibly get inspired to plan a day of your own.


To all those single mamas who want Mother’s Day to feel different, extra special and more about you – heed the battle cry.  Design your own day because you, Queen,  are so deliciously worthy.  There is no one like you in your child’s life. Treat yo-damn-self!  Take back Mother’s Day. You can do this.





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