Now, in my 85th year, I do have a few things to say.  At my age, I often think of my grandmother and mother. My grandmother couldn’t read or write nor did she own a telephone. While my mother had a phone, her blogging would be reading a newspaper article and writing with a pen on paper! Now, I’m surrounded by all this technology and often at a loss. Oh, yes, I ask every member of my family for assistance. But, you know how I get it. I tell them the problem I’m having and ask them to s-h-o-w me how to do it!! Well, while they’re explaining, the deed is done! My point, please, when an ageless queen asks for help, be kind and show her the way. Remember Show and Tell! And above all…patience with the ageless!

My pearls of wisdom come from the deepest part of me. When I was asked if I’d like to participate in this blog series, I didn’t hesitate. I hope that my ageless wisdom can shed some light for the reader. I’ve gone to the deepest recesses of my mind and heart because that’s where all the good stuff is stored! What helped, what didn’t.

When I first saw The Daily Feels’ blog lineup, I was impressed and being the ageless queen I am holding up the group. Being last, I mean! They are our guides of wisdom with their new ideas, their stories and their genuine love for life. I must reverse my thoughts now, as that’s how I’ll impart my ageless wisdom. As they reveal their stories, I’ll latch on to them. My trust and belief in life depends on me as well as others!

On the humorous side, remember Mrs. Gump and her box of chocolates; we never know what we’re going to get!  It’s the adjustments in life that are crucial! If we’re not on board for the ‘change’ we’re in for a hard time. Change is learning. Change is wisdom. The whole of my life has been seasoned with change.

Change comes in various ways; sickness, death in the family, job loss, a child born a little differently than most. As was in our family. My grandson was diagnosed with Aspergers’ and that brought real change for my daughter, husband and all! Experiencing new ways and having to become outspoken for the child and his world of learning is not easy.

Many people are blessed with what we think of as an impossible situation, but when we allow a new light and different thinking, we set out on a new path of learning. Many adjustments must be made. Perhaps, the most difficult part of this journey is finding out who is on board with you!

I want to share a bit of aged humor with you. When I first moved to Florida to be with my family, I was always included in my son-in-law, Jimi’s family outings. We were going bowling and Grandpa was going to. While he was swift of mind, his body was slow. So, they brought along the wheelchair. While everyone was bowling and cheering each other on, Grandpa left his wheelchair and took a walk. When the family noticed he was gone from his chair, panic ensued.  We found him and his daughter said, Dad, you can’t do that, you’ll get lost! His comment, true Irishman. “How can I get lost, I don’t even know where the hell I’m at!  I mention this because it’s important to include the elderly. You can capitalize on their wit and humor! This story has been repeated numerously. Never underestimate the power of age.

My job now is to seek, find and adjust and hopefully, impart what I’ve learned.  I’ve gathered most of my wisdom and judgment and threw them in one basket. Now, I’m at a point where I must discard old thinking if it’s not useful. Maybe even reverse my ideas and thoughts. Letting go of ‘my’ ideas that may no longer fit in our new world of speed. Keep the good at the ready! I’ve learned to follow and appreciate the new ideas life brings us.

Wisdom, at any age, is like a seesaw, sometimes up and other times down! True balance is so difficult to find but therein lies our challenge, our change! To balance life!

Meanwhile, this ageless Queen will think in reverse and find some more pearls of wisdom which I can string together for next time.

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