Last week on The Daily Feels, we shared with you our series called Reveal the Feels and we opened up about our take on fear. If you remember, I referred to facing my fears as the same as going with the flow.  Just days after the post, everything I knew about my life was flipped. The universe started testing every change I put into motion.


In a week, I quit my corporate job, my godfather had two cancer scares, my husband turned 35 and it was awesome…the kids made a board game for Ms. Kim’s class, anddddddddd I messed up a very solid relationship via text.  What a week! Talk about a perfect week to face my fears!!! I learned really fast that saying “Facing my fears is like going with the flow” was ummm, well, dumb.  I tried.  Nope.  Not this week, that was a weak tactic now.  As an over-thinker, we always add layers. I had some friends fact check me.  Had I really made the right calls on a million HUGE issues in my life?  Sigh, ugh, they think I am right.  Ok, good.  I am just over analyzing again. Whew.


I know what some are thinking. No, you don’t have to care about what people think.  Yes, Yes, I have heard this saying as well. I don’t HAVE to care, but perhaps I like listening to the people around me from time to time because they see me in my life from a point of view I don’t have and well, luckily, my reach is full of some smart cats, so I believe in using my resources. So far, these fact checkers have served me well.

You see, it’s insanely important to face your fears.  I get that.  I know it’s crucial to remain calm and go with the flow when you feel fear. But I can’t forget about the end game.  When the transformation is complete and the next level presented, then what? That’s why I want to give a revision to my take on facing my fear.  While I feel Facing my Fears is the same as Going with the Flow, it’s imperative to then Clean Up My Mess.

Yep, you heard me.  Clean up your mess.  Life is messy.  Growth gets messy.  Never get too busy growing that you don’t take time to make sure you are not dragging a trail of debris.  Doing your best is great, but if doing what’s best for you is destroying those you pass on your path, you need to slow down and consider your route.
 Have you ever seen those quotes with the Bohemian models in the flowing dresses and the big hat with sayings like “wherever you stand, be the soul of that place”…
Or how about this one:
“whatever is good for your soul, do that.”
The picture represents this ideal state in which a woman is completely free from any type of restriction.   I love this image.  I wish I could be this version of myself all day every day.  Boho dresses and no worries, just doing me…
Have you ever met someone who was on a quest for their greatness and while they looked AMAZING, behind them was a derailed train scattered for miles?  For me, this last week was about facing all my fears head on, going with the flow, but now I gotta make sure I progress with minimal casualties. THIS is where true growth lies.  How can I find my purpose, change all dynamics of my life to pursue a more meaningful existence for my loved ones, and ensure my choices don’t damage anyone I care about in the process.  AKA Damage Control. Piece of cake, right?
You know when this epiphany came to mind? When I was watching Ferdinand with my kids.  The bull was in a china shop and while he tried to not disturb the things around him, life literally pulled him in different directions until the scene finally came to an end and the town ruined.  Sad, huh?  Well. don’t be sad..the bull is fine.  Everyone retires in the country on a hill.  Good times.  Yay.. Fellow Feelers, I’ll let you know how my journey progresses.  This is a big week for me.  Please be sure to check my next post for updates!!

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