My name is Janis, and I am a ‘feeler’.  In full admittance, I “over-feel”.  I am sponge-like.  I absorb everything around me – even things that are not meant for me to absorb.  And because of that, most days my sponge is heavy and floods other areas of my life.  So how does an ‘over-feeler’ squeeze out those feels?

I made a pact with myself on January 1st, 2018 – I set an intention.  I was going to invest time in a feel-good, creative, passion project that spoke to the beautiful evolution of self.  I was thinking about different ways of executing it and was making it more complex than it needed to me.

It was then when I came across a Rumi quote that says “let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray”.  I LOVE people.  I LOVE bringing people together.  I LOVE sharing stories and hoping those stories fall upon ears that need to hear them when they’re told.  Right then and there I knew what I wanted to do.   Creating a project on my own where I wax poetic every day didn’t align with my vision BUT creating a community-rich blog where there’s a team of other ‘writers, feelers, motivators, human-freaking-beings’ absolutely did!

So I threw out a signal to a handful of people whose vibe, perspective and POV on life I admire, learn from and am inspired by daily.  Then the most amazing thing happened…almost immediately everyone responded to that signal and a tribe was built.  A tribe comprised of 12 truth-tellers, soul-sharers, magic makers and game shakers.  All that have a unique story to tell, angle to take and position they stand strongly behind.  Their stories will be deep, funny, thoughtful but most of all create a movement of unity where the reader feels like they’re not alone in their journey of life – no matter what path or perspective they choose to align with.

Stories will be shared Monday-Friday on topics ranging from parenting, finding & sustaining love, braving and beating cancer, cooking soulfully, the hustle of owning your own biz, surviving a midlife crisis, health & wellness, to what it means to live gender-neutral.  If people are feeling it, we’re sharing it.  Stay tuned as these fascinating story-tellers introduce themselves throughout the month.  For now, it is my greatest gift to share with you this colorful, collaborative, community-rich blog called “The Daily Feels”.  Please like us on Facebook & Instagram and please click the “follow” button at the bottom of the blog, so you’re notified when each blog goes live.  

All the feels,


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